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Fall calf marketing is in full swing. With that is the time to precondition this year’s calf crop. We have discussed many times how a $5 investment can return $25 to $35 per head. On a hundred head of caws that is a net of $2500. Pretty good days’ work. Along those same liens a mid-summer deworming can really pay dividends, as feed quality goes down later into the summer and the parasite load increases. Worms can really knock the heck out of performance in both cows and calves. Brand name “pour on” dewormers are an excellent value at approximately $1 per head, again a great return on investment. Pallets of vaccine and dewormers are arriving daily, so feel free to give us a call to help maximize your calf sale at today’s market level.

Good luck and hope for a nice rain.


The ranching lifestyle has been a part of the Malott family for multiple generations. We bring first-hand experience and local knowledge to everything we do at Central Oregon Ranch Supply as we are ranchers and livestock producers ourselves. The health and well-being of your herds are essential to the success of your operation. It’s essential to ours’ as well. We have the proper feed, nutritional supplements, vaccines and supplies that allows you to maximize your profits. We pride ourselves on being the place that professional ranchers shop first.

Thank you and see you soon,
Mark Malott

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