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As the hot dry weather continues to roll on from day to day, take advantage of the many technologies to milk as much performance from your cows, calves and stockers as possible.

We at Central Oregon Ranch Supply take much pride in our inventory to assist you, our customers, through today’s challenges. As the dry summer drags on, feed stuffs lose value, at the same time, parasite loads increase, this can really hinder cattle performance. A mid-summer use of a branded pour-on wormer can lighten that worm load as well as give much needed relief from pesky flies, that can also take their toll on gains.

Coincide this worming with your preconditioning vaccine to maximize your marketing opportunity, we have all options to fit your particular operation!

Dry Grass needs protein, again we have many, many different product lines to suit your environment. Feel free to call us for any input or pricing.

David and Todd can get orders delivered when needed, and remember we ship UPS daily…much more reasonable than the time and fuel spent for a special trip to town!

Mark Malott